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September 28, 2011



I think my penmanship is ok. I don't love or hate it and know it needs improvement which I'll work on between now and winning this book! Thanks!

Michael Robert Lockridge

I did a bit of calligraphy many years ago, and still love pens and writing. However, my motor skills have deteriorated over the years due to keyboarding over hand writing, much less writing as an art in itself.

Perhaps I owe it to myself to reintroduce my hands to the art of writing. Great post!

Tamara Berg

Mine? Not ugly, not pretty, but boring! I'd love to learn how to make boring beautiful! Fingers crossed -- until I pick up a pen, that is! ;-)


My penmanship is quite scripty but I would love to have a book such as the one you're offering to spruce it up and make it prettier.


it's ok but i'm a left hander so it's hard to adjust to a lot of pens. But I would love to try the book you're offering. Sometimes the book and pen together make all the diff!


I don't mind my penmanship too much. I struggle to write neatly with very fine-tipped pens though. For some reason my writing always comes out looking messy. I've just gotten a flex nib fountain pen and I'm trying to learn calligraphy with it!

Kevin Sunley

My penmanship is strange. I write quite small and at first glance it appears very neat, however many of the letters are hard to decipher even for myself. Its has a very neatly written, stylized font. It is just unfortunately a font with unrecognizable characters.


I actually love my penmanship. I have gotten quite a few compliments on it over the years, but there's always room for improvement, so thanks for the chance to win that awesome book! :)

Happy creating,

Tina Nilson

Oh-I discovered Lisa Engelbrecht in the U.S. 10 years ago- I´ve tried to get as good as her ever since- and I´m so excited she has made this book- Can´t wait to get my inky fingers on it!! Have actually tried calligraphy 30 years now- but still have so much to learn.

Crossing my fingers...
Love from Tina in Sweden

Kathy Parks

My penmanship is okay, I guess, however I would love to have the kind of control exhibited by calligraphic artists. I would enjoy this book.

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