Craftside: How to define characters through body proportions from the new book How to Draw Steampunk
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October 26, 2011


pamela corsentino

I am a huge fan of gears - different sizes and shapes, the way they can be combined or used singularly. I use them in art pieces, jewelry and even clothing accessories.

Sandra Strait

I like the juxtaposition of Old-fashioned and futuristic.


I love the range of motion and mechanics, whether actual or implied.

Pat Upton

I too love the gears!


I'm fascinated by the steam powered flying contraptions and various costumes.


Gears are the only thing I have been able to make look halfway realistic so far = this would be a great help!

Marguerite Meare

Being I am an engineer by trade and an artist by night or whenever I find a free moment, I am fasinated with engines and gears. I would reall love to get this book so I can incorporate my technical knowledge with my artistic whimsical side.

Lynda Taylor

I love goggles. They look amazing and their are many varieties.

I also love to do jewelery as that is loads of fun.

My daughter is really into steampunk now and I would love to win this book for her. She just loves drawing and studio art.

lyn lewis

Ive a stepson this book would fascinate. He's drawing mad and I have limited ability but this would inspire him Im positive.
he already shows amazing imagination but guidnace like this seems to suggest it offers would be a great gift for him.
Fingers crossed a Uk entrant ( a regular Craftside reader! ) is allowed in the draw!


Definitely clocks. :)

Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book.

Happy creating,

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