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November 16, 2011


Pat Upton

Bullet casings and a mini pulley. Made for a very nice, very different pendant!


Pop can tabs crocheted together. The scale of some of the projects I've seen amazes me!

Joe Rotella

Glass and stone - an artist made the most beautiful glass horsetails coming out of a rock that I've ever seen!

Sarah S

construction paper and resin - I made a ring!


The craziest things I have ever used together must be the bottle caps and dried red beans. We had fun with it!

Wanda H

Well the individual materials aren't crazy but the combined effect is way cool.... shrink plastic and soft gel medium... color the gel medium, put it on the shrink plastic and then shrink it... fab texture and just totally way cool!!!!

Allison C

The weirdest materials I have used are actually pretty tame...rubber, felt, and glass balls.
I recently saw work made with resin embedded coral and ferns which was gorgeous.

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