Craftside: Indygo Junction Pattern Giveaway and how to mark a button location before stitching
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February 14, 2012


jennifer willis

haven't really done any sewing in a while and I need inspiration! those patterns might just do the trick.


I recently got comfortable with sewing knits - next I want to get comfy with sewing adult patterns and start a quilt top

Judy H

I recently replaced my mother's sewing machine (Singer) which she bought before I was born with a new Singer which has auto-buttonholes. I hated buttonholes in the past because they were a little complicated on the old machine. PS...the machine is over 50 years old and like most of us, can't keep it's tension.

sherelyn nichol

My recent "sewing technic" is actually to make custom buttons for an outfit I made for a doll. I wanted tiny toggle type buttons for a doll's ski jacket. I drew them on Shrinky Dinks ®. They came out just perfect!

Jean Della Vecchia

I am expecting the delivery of a serger today. Can't wait to start practicing.

Jennie P.

Next on my list of sewing techniques to try...Princess seams.


I am still mastering the slip stitch - for whatever reason it never turns out quite right :(


Working on the dart!


I finally used (and loved!) the blind-stitch foot on my Bernina to hem a pair of pants. Why did I wait so long? It worked like a dream!

Sandra :)

I recently learned how to use a twin needle to do decorative stitching on projects - I wish I'd tried it years ago because it's SO easy and looks SO pretty!

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