Craftside: Indygo Junction Pattern Giveaway and how to mark a button location before stitching
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February 14, 2012



Well, I have recently sewn clear vinyl and put in zippers for the first time! :)

Heather R.

I recently mastered French seams, and my next job to tackle is "slippery" and sheer fabrics- I've got the tools, just a problem with the time! LOL Love Indygo Junction patterns- thanks for doing the giveaway!


I've finally mastered the stab stitch for stitching my hat pieces together. Not as neat as I like, but practice makes perfect. :p

Jeanne White

I just recently learned to use a treadle machine. It's really cool.


Next on my list: French seams. they are not only beautiful, but make the seam so much stronger.


I got a new serger for Christmas! My next feat is to figure out what neat things I can do with decorative threads. Oh...and I also want to learn a rolled hem so I can make scarves!

Sondra Richter

It sounds like a small thing, but I've been working on invisible zippers, and I OWN them now! :)

Sharon Sandahl

I'm always wanting to learn something new. I need to learn more about color though. In quilting, or garment construction, I feel I am lacking in this area.

As to what I have 'mastered', nothing . . I make so many mistakes. I'm not even sure what the latest thing I've been working on. I've been making bags to sell, that is my latest concentrated learning curve.

Robyn Elliott

Corset making and bra making are on my mastery to do list.My main love is making bags..I seem to find them homes everywhere.I love vintage style,especially 30's and 40's.
My Christmas pressie was a new sewing machine..maybe I need to learn how to fully utilise that?It is a massive leap from my 1980's machine!

Ellen Lai

I just learn to use my machine to sew! Sewed a small bag and a set of stitcher's accessories. hope to sew more stuff, bags, and interesting items.

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