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February 14, 2012


Nancy Eha

I am learning how to do invisible machine applique with a tiny zigzag stitch instead of the blind hem stitch. The applique lays flatter and is the result is a smoother edge.

Patsy Pirnat

I have been quilting for quite a few years now but didn't think I would enjoy applique but now I am ready to give it a try.

Robyn Madison

Next on my list to learn - mastering tight curves

Valentina P

The next technique I'm going to be trying is pad-stitching in horsehair interfacing.


I can't really say I've mastered it, but I am no longer afraid of my serger. I can replace needles, thread it, and set the tension correctly, which is a huge accomplishment for me.

Leslie F.

I am interested,in trying a new scarf technique. Layering chenille fabric diagonally in 3 layers sewing and cutting the fringe, and then laundering it to make it thicker. I saw this on "Sewing with Nancy" and it really caught my eye.I am also interested in utilizing machine stitching on my Singer for an updated version of crazy quilting.

Leslie Friedman

I want to try to make some new scarves by layering chenille fabric diagonally for about 3 layers, sew each end length wise,about 5/8th of an inch across multiple times then cut the fringe on both ends of the scarf. Once you wash it, and dry it it it will fatten up and make a nice thick scarf. I am also interested in utilizing my Singer stitches for for an updated look for crazy quilting, but machine sewn not hand sewn.

Susan Bishop

I just bought a new Futura and am in the process of setting it up and starting the tutorial. I want to learn how to machine embroider embellishments for bags and purses. So far, I have used the basic tutorial and embroidered a motif for a large tote bag. Only 2 colors, so not very difficult. Next tute is on downloading a design from my computer to the machine and centering it in the hoop.

Jennifer Cheek-Payan

I'm just started cutting fabric for a full sized quilt. This is my 1st quilt and I'm a lil nervous but excited to learn to sew better. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Debra Lee

I plan on making my first piece of clothing this year!

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