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December 05, 2012


jennifer willis

I do think some cooking such as cake decorating, specialty items are a craft but no I am not a foodie, I just love to eat.

Janel Gradowski

Some cooking does seem like a craft, baking, charcuterie, canning, etc. I actually love to cook and craft, so I don't mind at all if they intersect.

Norma K. Bott

Yes, cooking is a craft and I am definitely a "foodie". Feel they can go hand-in-hand an feed off each other!

julie m

i think cooking is crafty, especially if you use basic techniques and knowledge to branch off and do your own thing. i like using recipes as guidelines but add and subtract ingredients to suit my taste. and many crafty elements can be used when decorating and arranging foods.

Julie Andrea

Oh my goodness, of course I think cooking is a craft. Taking those raw ingredients and combining them in your own special way to produce something one of a kind is just like starting with a ball of yarn and creating a scarf or mitts or a wall hanging. I don't know if I am a foodie or not, but I know I love food and read blogs that feature arts and food!
Julie Andrea


I don't think of myself as a foodie, but I definitely believe cooking is a craft--maybe not always the way I do it. I like blogs that find a way to combine art and food.

Mary Mac

Yes, I think it is a craft. A craft that I am not good at. Thank goodness my husband is. His favorite inspiration is the cooking channel.


Yes, it's a craft and an art. I love to read cookbooks just for fun. I'm also addicted to cooking blogs. I've not gotten craft inspiration from recipes but I have used recipes from novels.

Denise Royal

I don't cook but I do bake. I love to bake weird things. I would consider it a craft as some are great cooking and baking artists.

Donna O'Neil

Cooking is a craft! I craft and I also cook. I went to culinary school and I also have a blog called The Epicurean Crafter...where I blog about my and otherwise.

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