Craftside: Minty dog biscuit recipe and "Good Dog" training book giveaway
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January 09, 2013



I have made homemade dog biscuits for my dog once, but other than that, no I do not do anything crafty for or with my dog.

Wendy Hatton

I made a crocheted coat for my dog once and he went frantic trying to remove it. Sooo unappreciative! I could sure use some help with training as his main skill is being too busy to hear me. (Will try minty biscuits.)

Mike N.

I don't, but have been meaning to bake for them for some time.

jennifer willis

don't have time to make my poochies treats, I am too busy cleaning up the messes they leave...a good reason to win the book!

Renee G

I haven't done any doggy cooking or crafting-- but it sounds like a great idea. And I know our Sammie girl would love the it.

Mary Mac

I have not made any food treats for my cat but I do make toys filled with cat nip for him.


I haven't made any food for my cat on purpose. One time I grew cilantro for myself and she ate it all. I make her toys out of empty boxes or things I would normally throw away.

Mary Rokisky

I am not that crafty for my dog. I am lucky enough to live in an area that has several places that I can buy wonderful handmade treats for Kelly.


I only cook for my dogs when they are sick and need a specially prepared diet. I did make their dog beds!


I've never, but I just adopted my first dog (Day-Z) 2 days ago

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