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April 17, 2013


Alice Clark

I try to grow flowers, down here in the hot, red-clay earth of East Texas. Zinnias, salvias and Knock-Out Roses are major mainstays, as well as a variety of hardy natives. (I used to call them *weeds* but now it's *natives* - sounds smarter.) I'd gladly read more about gardening on Craftside. Meanwhile, thanks for the chance to win some bling AND the incredible Lilla Rogers book!

Shari harniss

I'm in east Texas, too! Houston. We grow veggies and herbs in pots. Easier to control the loss of moisture and weeds.
Thanks for the giveaway- love to win!


I would like to read about gardening here. I don't garden yet. I'm thinking of starting with an herb garden.

I tried to start a container garden last year and failed miserably. The only thing I ever got to grow was a big pot of mint. I've learned my lesson and switched to indoor succulents. I haven't watered them in months and they're still growing strong! I'd rather stick to crafts.


Currently I have to do a container garden, mostly indoors. I will be growing herbs, radishes, sprouts.

sharon gullikson

I am a gardener from way back. Flowers and veggies, and ever berries.

Natasha Poteraj

I grow succulents in pots, and everything else in the ground.


I garden mint on my balcony for tea. I also sort of garden by making sprouts in the kitchen.

heather b

I wish i could garden. Seriously my alone vera is begging to die right now. If i could though, i would love all sorts of veggies and herbs. If i was super gardener... I would love to have honeysuckle flowers and such too.

Mary Mac

I have a pretty nice size flower garden, and try to grown a variety of plants.

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