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April 17, 2013



We have a wonderful herb garden that we could not do without. We use the herbs in cooking and also make our own teas. We grow veggies too, but I like the herb garden more. Love the necklace and I would love to win this giveaway, my grown grandaughter and I would both get use out of this! Thanks for the chance to win.


I am not much of a gardener, but my husband is and we finally have a yard that can hold a garden. I would love a where to start post, seasonal recipes post so I can know what will be ready, when and how to cook it, as well as a winter maintenance post.


I don't garden now because I live on the second floor and there's no place to do it, but I used to love to when I was growing up. I love flowers!


I grow some veggies--mainly tomatoes and peppers, herbs, sunflowers and perennial flowers like forsythia, lilacs, peony, daisies, moonflower. I would love to win your goodies giveaway!!

Debra Gibson

I want to read this book so badly ! I could use this book right now as I am still learning a lot about building my craft sales! Thank You for the chance to win !!

DeeAnn S

I love gardening, both flower and veggies. And last week I put the first seeds in (beets, radishes, spinach and peas)! I love reading about gardening too. Thanks.

Jan P.

I garden with fabric. Living quarters and a bunch of other things make "real" gardening impractical right now, but I love using scraps to make blossoms of all types.

Judy D

We each get a 4' x 4' patch to grow our veggies in (no flowers or fruits allowed). This year I've planted kale, swiss chard, sweet banana peppers, tomatoes, onions, radishes and turnips. I've already enjoyed much kale and a few onions. I think the rest of it needs fine tuning :) Recipes for the produce we've grown would make a nice addition to the gardening section.

larissa lebovidge

I live in Houston and the heat is too much for me. I have had green beans and peppers in the past, they do well. Wish I had more time to try to garden. I have a great spot, but bugs and heat get me!

Donna McConnell

Container vegetables/herbs and roses. And would love to see gardening tips.

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