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August 14, 2013


Miriam Prantner

I actually have never been part of a monthly club. I've thought about it, but never pulled the trigger.


I've never been part of a monthly cub. One reason they may send something I might not like.


When I was in high school I joined a "make-up of the month" kit. Many hours were spent with friends trying everything. And a number of years ago I belonged to to a craft book of the month sort of thing. I don't know that I'd do it again but it was fun then!

Mary Anne

I belonged to a monthly craft club back in the late 60's (the name of it escapes me now). They send a little kit to create something every month - most of it was pretty awful looking back on it now, but at the time I was pretty thrilled. Must mention about the bulking dummies - my late b-i-l used to work for a printing company and gave me several of those books over the years. They are all gone now but they sure were handy for so many things!


No, I haven't. But I think it would be fun to be in something like an art supply of the month club. Getting to try out different stuff each month would be great for the creativity.


I used to get scrapbook idea cards once a month. I loved the ideas that they would share for every occasion.


I once belonged to a scrapbooking monthly club...discovered scrapbooking wasn't my thing but added all the supplies to my mixed media treasure trove! I think I may still have some ribbons. I agree with Jody that an art supply of the month club would be a great creativity prompt!


In the early 80's I belonged to a monthly recipe club. I still have some of the recipes but I felt that it just got too expensive when I was getting recipes that I would never use.

Sandra Strait

I've belonged to book of the month and tape/CDs of the month clubs. I didn't like having to remember to say that I didn't want the choice of the month.

But I liked the deals, and the wide selections.


I have belonged to a "fruit/veggie" of the month club from our local CSA; and also a "craft book of the month" club. The CSA club was great because we got lots of fresh fruit to can or use. I still have a lot of books from the craft book club in my library that i still refer to!

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