Craftside: How to make a recycled sweater and doily sunglass case inspired by Zakka Handmades
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September 16, 2013



I'm waiting for some inspiration! The summer melted away and I'm ready to get back in the crafting ring!!

Jessibeth Viera

I think a Halloween pillow :) Yeap I do love Halloween a lot, and I go cookoo for it :)


My favorite cute craft project continues to be punkin patterns' sweet tooth pouch - posted 2 years ago, but I keep going back to it!


I saw some owl pincushions on pinterest, ordered the magazine and made a few of them this weekend. I am a sucker for a cute pincushion!

Denice Metz

there are so many cute things not one stands out

Kathy E.

The cutest craft project I've seen just recently is a bowl of painted acorns. They were just so sweet looking and really caught my eye...must give it a try.


I saw a cute rag doll pin cushion on the Pin It Blog Hop recently.


I saw some cloud cushion recebtly:)

Marilyn Tucker

Martha Stewart Living magazine had a bowl of felt acorns with painted acorn caps. Love it!


Love the vintage pencil case pattern in Patchwork, Please! The paper pieced pencils are so cute.

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