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March 17, 2014



I wood like to win


Positive thinking--believing I can do something helps make it happen.

Shelley S.

Wonderful giveaway!! They look like a lot of fun. Luck? A bird flew into my garage yesterday, my dh once told me a bird in the house meant luck. Lucky me, it flew back out once I chased it around a few times.

thia Beniash

A good mood and outlook bring me luck, and finding a shiny penny on the ground always makes me feel lucky too!

Mary Helene

My family brings me luck.


Darn! It looks like the giveaway is only for facebook users---that leaves me out.


Great giveaway -- you're so kind!


My family brings me luck. Not only are they the best things to have ever happened to me they bring me luck in so many ways. I'm lucky to meet the people I do because of them. I'm lucky for all the love I have in my life because of them. I could go on and on!


I have the luck of the Irish on my side.

Susan Samuel

My birth number 1. I would like to think one day that it might be lucky. As I am the 10th comment and it adds up to 1 maybe this time!!!

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